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The main theme of Mary Moon’s work is the “City” where problems are brought about and are resolved; where people live and that which is observed as a body of sort, a separate body from the human bodies who live there. Throughout the years the “City” undergoes severe changes, from inner and outer influences, burdened with many different impacts.
By having the white canvas as a surface and using printing technique as a means, through subtle range of colors she is depicting the “City”. What comes into existence is a space without any touch of the hand, but through thin layers of paint a simple urban landscape is outlined. The screens which “construct” these landscapes, she prepares by hand, without using any other technical means, and they represent her “building materials” so later she can “construct” these cities.

Mary Moon 2005
from CITY series
souse, pastels on paper
23.6x31.5 inches (60x80cm)

Mary Moon 2007
from CITY series
limited edition of 20, silkscreen print,
oil on canvas
35x42.5 inches (89x108cm)

Mary Moon, CITY, 2010, Triptych, canvas, acrylic, souse, pastels, tempera(detail).
Permanent collection of SCM-Ukraine, 450x100cm

Mary Moon 2008
from CITY series
oil on canvas
23.5x31.5 inches (80x60cm)

Mary Moon 2013
"Leaves" , oil on canvas
148x220 cm

Mary Moon 2008
from the CITY series, LUBECK
5 color silkscreen printing on paper
31x44 cm

from the installation
mixed media

Mary Moon, 2010, metal tube, 143x270x66 cm

Mary Moon 2015
from CITY series
5 panel cube, acrilics, tempera on canvas
50x65x52.5 cm

Mary Moon 2012
from CITY series
2 dimentional construction, metal, concrete
Shushi, Karabakh

Mary Moon
from the series "THROUGH TURBULENCE", 2011
acrylics on paper
35x45 cm

Mary Moon 2008
from CITY series
colored crayons on canvas
47x39 inches (120x100cm)

Mary Moon 2012
from CITY series
acrylic, tempera on canvas
Vienna, Austria 90x110cm