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If the field of art has no means of selfknowledge anything created in its area and their characteristics are incomprehensible regardless of their manifestations.The ability of self-reconideration is probably the only way that leads to realization of the own biography. The modern Armenian art faces the difficult formula of comprehension of its own art mosaic. The whole picture is rather tangled. On the one hand, we have what have been created, on the other hand, the same creations have relative double existence. Double because none of their manifestations be it had any scale of local estimation which would consider everything done wider, from modern points of view, more comprehensive than simply the attitude of the creations towards their epoch and towards the range of art issues in that epoch.Undoubtedly to approach these complicated problems it is necessary to have comprehensionship of epochs thet the pieces of art would be put in certain correlation and chain movement.The Retrospective Excavation is a particular attempt to comprehend the features of Armenian art.It is expected that the objectives of the exhibition are above being only private anxiety and it has a petition to suggest a variant on the way of rebirth of cultural perception. 1970-2000 allows to record the fact that the artists of 70-s and 2000, creating on the same ground , still feel absolutely different tendencies of world art. The changing of masks in the ceremony of art making demands still more efforts and tense examination so that it would be possible to place the author and his works in interchangeable positions of art necessity.The adventure of “form” has not ceased.It was not the same yesterday, todey, it will be different tomorrow. The Retrospective Excavations starts the chronicle from risky forms of 70-s. How much personal was the risk and what independent forms followed the precedent. What psychological basics the rejection had and what achievements the refusal promised. Did passing of forms take place or did the art epoch harm the heritage.The Retrospective Excavations will try to complete the outline of the questions in the sphere of these problems.
text by Ara Haytayan