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She was born 1977 in Yerevan, Armenia. In 2004 she graduated the Academy of Fine arts faculty of Fine Art. In 2008 she was invited as a guest student by Kunsthochschule Kassel. She currently lives and works in Yerevan. Mary Moon has participated in many group exhibitions, the latest of which are: “City & industry”, gallery open atelier” de vrijplaats”, Amsterdam, Holland, "2004, “Society-body-art” ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia 2005,
”Give(a)way” 6th biennale exhibition in Limerick, Ireland, curated by Katerina Gregos in 2006, ”Yerevan crisis” in ACCEA Yerevan, Armenia curated by Sonia Balassanian in 2007. www.documenta-dock.net
project of Kunsthochschule Kassel, curated by Sandra Badelt and Dirk Pörschmann, Kassel, Germany in 2007, ”Landscape of Symbols, Landscape of the Built Environment, Landscape of Dreams”, Geneva, Switzerland, 2007, “A work behind the wall” Contemporary Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia, curated by Lilit Sargsyan in 2007. "Art point" international art project, Ludmila Bereznitska & Partner Gallery, Donetsk, Ukraine, 2010, "Reality is Beautiful" solo project, Modern Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia, 2011. "Ein Blick nach Osten" GIZ, Eschborn, Germany, 2011. "On the Woods" group exhibition, BMUKK, Vienna, Austria, 2012. "The Future and Reality of Art" Beijing International 5th Art Biennale, China, The Special Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Armenia, curated by Ara Haytayan in 2012. "Land and Technology” Contemporary Art Project, Shushi, Karabagh, curated by Lilit Sargsyan in 2012. "When Sandy Had Gone" VisualGapGallery space, IStore (Authorised Reseller of Apple products in Armenia) group project, Yerevan, Armenia, 2012. "Art Object" VisualGapGallery space, yerevan, Armenia 2013. "Digital Museum Night" Ministry of Culture Armenia in coolaboration with VisualGpaGallery, Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor, Artsakh, 2013. "Armenian Artists: Modern to Postmodern", Modern Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia. "Through Turbulence" solo project, VisualGapGallery in collaboration with Dalan Art Gallery, Yerevan , Armenia, 2014. International Young Artist of the Year contest, First Prize Award, Art planet gallery, Kristine Saleri foundation, RH art magazine, Istanbul, Turkey 2014. "Open Door, Open Call" Nesrin Esirtgen collection, Istanbul Turkey, 2015. "Mamut Art Project" International art fair, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015. "Fine tuned and multipled" Kuad Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015. "Borders and Boundaries" Mixer Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015.

Mary Moon 2012
from CITY series
souse,pastels on canvas

Mary Moon 2007
from CITY series
limited edition of 20, silkscreen print,
oil on canvas
35x42.5 inches (89x108cm)

Mary Moon, CITY, 2010, Triptych, canvas, acrylic, souse, pastels, tempera.
Permanent collection of SCM-Ukraine, 450x100cm

Mary Moon 2008
from CITY series
oil on canvas
23.5x31.5 inches (60x80cm)

Mary Moon 2011
"Leaves" , oil on canvas
148x220 cm

Mary Moon 2008
from the CITY series, LUBECK
4 color silkscreen printing on paper
35x47.5 cm

from the installation
mixed media

Mary Moon, 2010, metal tube, 143x270x66 cm

Mary Moon 2015
from CITY series
5 panel cube, acrilics, tempera on canvas
50x65x52.5 cm

Mary Moon 2012
from CITY series
2 dimentional construction, metal, concrete
Shushi, Karabakh

Mary Moon
from the series "THROUGH TURBULENCE", 2011
acrylics on paper
52x45 cm

Mary Moon 2008
from CITY series
colored crayons on canvas
47x39 inches (120x100cm)

Mary Moon 2012
from CITY series
acrylic, tempera on canvas
Vienna, Austria 110x90cm