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Mary Moon 2012
from CITY series
2 dimentional construction, metal, concrete(detail)
Shushi, Karanakh


Mary Moon 2011
from CITY series, "Kassel"
souse, pastels on paper
Permanent collection of GIZ-Germany, 70x100cm

Mary Moon 2007
from CITY series
limited edition of 20, silkscreen print,
oil on canvas
35x42.5 inch (89x108cm)

Mary Moon, CITY, 2010, Triptych, canvas, acrylic, souse, pastels, tempera.
Permanent collection of SCM-Ukraine, 450x100cm

Mary Moon 2008
from CITY series
oil on canvas
23.5x31.5 inches (80x60cm)

Mary Moon 2014
"Leaves" , oil on canvas
148x220 cm

Mary Moon 2008
from the CITY series, Vienna
2 color lino printing on paper
15x21 cm

Mary Moon 2015
from CITY series
5 panel cube, acrylics, tempera on canvas
50x52x50 cm

at TUMO center/2012

Mary Moon
from the series "THROUGH TURBULENCE", 2011
acrylics on paper
42x58 cm

Mary Moon 2008
from CITY series
colored crayons on canvas
27x39 inches (70x100cm)

Mary Moon 2012
from CITY series
acrylic, tempera on canvas
Vienna, Austria 90x110cm